My Box Subscriptions



I will admit it, I have a huge problem. I am addicted to subscription boxes and I cant stop! Everywhere I look it seems there’s subscription boxes for everything. Fashion, Books, Gaming, Food, and much more. Who could say no to that? Well I sure cant. The following list are boxes I’m subscribed to:

Lootcrate: All you geek gamers know about Lootcrate and if you dont, Where the heck have you been at? Lootcrate offers subscribers around 5 different items that go with a theme every month for just $19.95 including shipping and handling. They have a 1, 3,  and a 6 month plan or a year plan also.


They also do monthly mega crate giveaways where every subscriber gets automatically entered to win. This crate contains super epic things for example:


How cool is that? They recently added Level Up. Which allows you to add more items into your monthly box. You can add two geeky socks, one awesome accessory, and one wearable item.

My thoughts? Well there are good months and bad months. Sometimes I don’t get things I like and end up giving some items to my brother or friends. But so far I have been enjoying my boxes. I will be a subscriber for a while or until I don’t have enough money due to my current addiction for subscription boxes.

ipsy: ipsy is a personalized monthly subscription box by Michelle Phan . Subscribers can personalized the items they receive every month by taking a quiz. What’s good about this quiz is that you can take it as many times as you want whenever you want.


You get 4-5 items every month plus the fancy bag. It’s only $10.00 dollars a month with free shipping. You can cancel whenever you want. Just be super sure of it because when you subscribe again, you will be put on the waiting list. You can easily get out of the waiting list by liking their Facebook page, subscribing to their YouTube channels, and sharing the ipsy page on Facebook.

Owlcrate:  This subscription box is great for those book lovers. They send you a monthly box tailored to a specific theme every month. The box contains one new Young Adult novel along with 3-5 bookish items. You may also get exclusive items from publishers and authors


It is a little on the expensive side though. This subscription box is $29.99 plus shipping and handling. In total its around $36.00. You do have to sign up to the waiting list because too many people want this box! Once you sign up to the waiting list, they will send you a personal link where you can sign up. It does take a while for them to send you that link though so be patient.

Is it worth it? I still have yet to find out. I will be getting my first box this September. I probably won’t continue it for long as its a little too expensive for me. I could get three new books with the $36.00 instead of just one!

Skoshbox: This subscription box is a monthly Japanese candy box. They have the Skoshbox or the Dekabox. The Skoshbox contains five sample items for just $12.00 a month. The Dekabox contains five full items for just $24.00 a month. Free shipping!

Skoshbox May 2015 9

What do i think? Well I think it’s alright. I tend to eat the candy and snacks when they get here that same day. There are other Japanese candy subscription boxes but so far this has been the cheapest one I could find. I might be wrong though.

~XoXo, Mayra


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