Churro & Cookie Crumble Frapuccino (Starbucks Secret Menu)



Starbucks. Who doesn’t love Starbucks? NOT ME! But after a while of drinking the same thing, Starbucks starts to get boring and that’s where the Starbucks secret menu comes in.

I knew about the secret menu for a while now but I’ve been a little scared to try the drinks and cause trouble for the barista with a complicated order. However, I have overcome this block on the road and finally decided to venture on to the secret menu world.

My first Starbucks secret menu trip has started off with The Churro and The Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. First of all, let me start by actually telling you what the recipes are.

Churro Frappuccino:

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Add cinnamon dolce syrup (1 pump for tall, 1.5 for grande, 2 pumps for venti)
  • Add white mocha syrup (1 pump for tall, 1.5 for grande, 2 pumps for venti)
  • Add cinnamon powder
  • (Optional) Top with whipped cream, cinnamon, and caramel drizzle

Cookie Crumble Frappuccino:

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Add white mocha sauce (2 pumps for tall, 3 for grande, 4 for venti)
  • Add Java chips
  • (Optional) Top with whipped cream and mocha sauce

FYI, These recipes along with others can be found in the main Starbucks Secret Menu website.

Now for the taste test review…

Okay, The Churro Frappuccino does indeed taste exactly like a churro to me. It’s been more than a couple of years since I’ve had a churro but I will never forget the taste of it and now I can have it in the form of a Starbucks drink. It isn’t overly sweet which I appreciate and the cinnamon is what really makes it taste like a churro. I’ve never had a drink that required white mocha syrup so I can’t fully comment on the taste of it. I really want to try adding half a pump of caramel sauce and see what that does to it. Sometimes churros have different fillings, caramel being one of them. I could probably substitute the white mocha sauce for the caramel or regular mocha sauce. (I’ll try one of these options and then update this post).

The Cookie Crumble was for my little brother and he really loved it. This one wasn’t as good as the Churro Frappucino because it was more simple. It just tasted like a regular Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with some blended chocolate chips in it. Nothing special. I guess I could try to substitute the white mocha sauce for the regular mocha sauce and add a cookie straw to it so it could be more like a Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

I’m happy to say that I enjoyed both of these drinks and didn’t gag or have to throw any of them out. The Churro Frappuccino is the one I really liked and has become my new favorite drink. I really recommend it!

Well that’s it for today’s Starbucks Secret Menu adventure. I will definitely keep trying more of the secret drinks. Hopefully the baristas at my local Starbucks don’t hate me!       \(>o<)ノ

Have you guys tried anything from the Starbucks Secret Menu? What’s your favorite?


~~Mayra (✿ヘᴥヘ)


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