2017: Hopes & Dreams


Okay,  I said I probably wasn’t going to be doing a New Years resolution and well… Technically this IS a New Years resolution list but let’s go with it being just a list of hopes and dreams that hopefully I get to accomplish this 2017.

Without further ado, here’s the list of hopes and dreams for 2017:

1.) Explore around town more.

Now that I have a car, I hope to go to new places that I’ve been wanting to go. Most places involve food because you know me, I’m a foodie.

2.) Be more social and hopefully make new friends.

I’m a very shy and anti-social person. I don’t really interact with others in person. Most of my social interactions are made online where I feel more comfortable with others. During 2016, I was able to open up a little and be more social with others in person. I hope that this 2017 I’m able to open up even more and be confident enough to speak to new people.

3.) Serve the community.

I’m sad to say that during 2016 I was unable to do community service. I hope that this new year I’m able to go out and do community service or join a non-profit organization so I can be more involved with my local community.

4.) Do more of what I enjoy.  

Writing, reading, watching anime etc… I want to do more of what I enjoy and get more involved in it. With reading, I hope to read more and review books and hopefully join a reading club online or locally. I want to go to conventions, meet new people with the same interest,  start a YouTube channel or stream games on twitch. I want to do something of that sort. This blog is just one of the many things I want go keep doing.

5.) Pursue and explore career options.

I’m on my second semester of my first year in college and although I’ve known what I wanted to pursue since I was younger,  I sometimes find myself wondering about other options. What I want to potentially be (my final goal) is a pediatrician. But before that,  I would like to have a vast amount of knowledge in different areas that might be helpful. I know it will take a lot of time and effort but I’m willing to put in that and more.

6.) Change my life style.

Okay,  I’m sure this one is in everyone’s New Years resolutions and although I might have failed in 2016 to fully do this, I’m going to try again this 2017. I’m not looking to just loose weight for the sake of being skinny. I want to change my eating habits slowly but surely so that I can have a healthier lifestyle for the rest of my life (hopefully).

~XoXo, Mayra


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