Puppy Update #2: Which Food Do I Need!?



Today,  January 17, 2017, Dexter is 5 weeks old. Can’t believe it’s already been about two full weeks since I got him! The first week was so stressful and overwhelming but it has definitely gotten better.  

His fleas are gone and my mother has finally warmed up to him. The problem I’m having now regards the food he is eating. Dexter has been eating soaked kibble for the past week or so.  He is still not drinking water but will sometimes try it and drink a little. When I transitioned him from puppy milk to kibble I started with Purina’s puppy chow per vets order. I didn’t really want to give him Purina because of all the bad things they have. I also found out that it made my hands itchy when I  mushed the soaked kibble with my hand. However,  Dexter didn’t seem to have any trouble with it. I still wanted him to have better food and decided to switch him to Nulo. The switch resulted in soft stool and yellow pee. I’m not sure if it’s from the switch in kibble or the switch from puppy milk to water.  Could be both.  I gave him some of his old kibble and some of the new kibble but he still has soft stool. I’ve read that I could give him pumpkin but I’m not sure if I should because he is still small and I don’t want to cause anymore upset stomach. Supposedly the yellow pee is normal but I feel like he might be a little dehydrated. I add as much water as I can to the soaked kibble so he can get the water that way since he doesn’t want to directly drink it by itself. I also read that I could add something to the water to make it more tasty for Dexter but again, I don’t want to upset his stomach even more. 

I’m also struggling to set a feeding schedule for him. Everywhere I’ve read it says to feed him three times per day. I don’t fall asleep until 12am. The schedule I have right now is: 6:30am wake up and take Dexter out to potty, 7:00am feed Dexter and take him out in case he poos, 12:30 feed Dexter again, 6:00pm  last meal for Dexter. What I’m struggling with is his last meal. I don’t know when to give it to him. The schedule last week started at 7:00am where I would walk him and then feed him at 7:30. Then I would feed him at 1 or 1:30pm and his last meal would be 7 or 7:30pm. However, he would end up crying and whining at around 4am to go to the bathroom. The new schedule seems to work better for him so I’ll keep sticking with it.

We also finally let him roam around the backyard. At first we would take him out to potty and pee on the porch but my dad decided to pick him up and put him down on the grass. Dexter went crazy! He started running around and trying to fight all the leafs that were on the  ground. He is very fond of leafs. He will pick one up with his mouth and take it somewhere with him where he proceeds to try to chew on it. He gets mad if you try to take it away from it. I guess you could say that the leafs are his bones. His fur is also growing longer and he grew some long “whiskers.”  He has them on top of his eyes, under his chin, around his nose, and on the sides of his cheeks. He might have grown a little but he looks the same to me. 

He seems to be growing out of his crate. Well…It’s not really a crate. We have him in between two furniture’s and have boxes in the front to serve as a “gate.” I guess he got bored of spending so much time in there because he would start to whine and cry to get out. Now he is roaming the house but the problem with that is that he pees sometimes. He will sometimes scratch at the porch window to get out and pee and poo in the grass but he still pees inside the house. He used to do that in his crate. He would pee in there and I would change the pads and he would do it again. I read that it was just a way of them marking their territory and making themselves feel safer. 

Dexter has also been licking his paws a lot and scratching around his legs. I am not sure why he does this. I don’t think he has fleas anymore and I’ve been checking him daily but haven’t found anything. He could have some allergies to the food I’ve been giving him but I haven’t  notice any redness just itching and licking. I will continue to do my research.

I hope Dexter grows some more soon so I can take him outside for walks. Hopefully the days go by fast so he can be 6 weeks old and get some of his shots! 

~XoXo, Mayra


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