Puppy Update #3: Six Weeks Old!



Happy six week birthday Dexter! We have definitely come a long way from being 3.5 weeks old with fleas, drinking only puppy milk, going potty and peeing in the house to now eating semi dry food, being potty trained, digging holes, learning the sit command, and playing outside like crazy! 

I still remember the first day I brought him home with me. He fell asleep in my brothers arms during the car ride. It was so stressful having to wake up every few hours to feed him or check if he needed to go potty.  I sometimes would get frustrated because I wasn’t used to waking up early everyday and giving up that free night time I used to have before. Sometimes I would even ask myself If maybe I rushed into getting Dexter and should have waited until we finally moved out into our own house. But then I would look into his cute blue eyes and I knew I would keep going.

My mother ended up warming up to him and she even plays with him and sometimes carries him like a baby. My dad also plays with him when he gets home from work. I learned that Dexter loves leafs! He goes around the yard attacking them and picking them up to lay down and proceed to chew on them. Don’t worry, he doesn’t eat them! He drops them when he is done having fun. He has also started to dig holes in the yard! I saw him sniffing the ground and thought that he wanted to go potty but just couldn’t find the right spot. He eventually ended up trying to dig a hole but didn’t really succeed. I also managed to teach him how to sit down! He got it right away the moment I showed him what I wanted! It’s fascinating how fast puppies can learn things. Next I need to teach him how to come to me when I tell him too. He usually only goes towards me when I whistle but other than that sometimes he will ignore me. He still doesn’t really answer to his name yet. 

I also made an Instagram account for him just like every other pet owner eventually does. I know cliche but through that I’ve met other loving pet owners who have given me great advise! It doesn’t look like Dexter is growing…well to me but he actually grew way more than what I thought! We went to my uncles house who also got a puppy around the same time we got Dexter. His puppy, Terry, was 6 weeks old while Dexter was only 3.5 weeks. Terry looked bigger and fuller than Dexter the first time they met. Now that Dexter is 6 weeks and Terry is 8 weeks, Dexter looks a little bigger than Terry! That’s amazing! At first I was a little worried that maybe Dexter wasn’t growing since I saw him the same everyday but compared to Terry Dexter definitely grew.

I am extremely happy and excited to see what new things Dexter will learn and how he will develop! I can’t wait until he is finally old enough to play with other dogs and take him to hike or walk around the city lake! I am excited to play catch with him and buy him many cute outfits and toys! Here’s too many more days, weeks, months, and years with Dexter! 

~XoXo, Mayra


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