Puppy Update #4: Eight Weeks Old



On Tuesday 07, 2017 Dexter turned 8 weeks old. From his last vet checked he weighted 8.8 pounds. It’s been about two weeks since his last vet check so he probably weighs more now! He’s growing up so fast! He isn’t the sweet calm pup I brought home. He is a spawn of evil who likes to run around and bite everything and everyone. He is still a handful.

He is now eating solid food and drinking water! I was so proud and happy when I saw that he would go to his water bowl and sip some. It took a little longer than I expected for him to start drinking water but once he started I ended up decreasing the amount of water in his food until he was eating solid kibble. I’m also finally giving him some treats to train him. I used to give him soaked kibble since he was still unable to chew on the solid food. 

Dexter now knows how to sit and how to lay down. He got the sit part on the first try but the down command was more complicated. I would show him the treat and make down motions hoping he would somehow figure it out. I had to eventually lay him down myself so he understood what I wanted. After a couple of tries and me repeating the word down, he was finally able to do it on his own. I first had him sit and then I would tell him to lay down. At one point when I said sit he would lay down. I guess he would get them confused but now if I just say to lay down when hes already sitting or up on his paws he will do it at command. 

His biting hasn’t improved. I didn’t realize how hyper and active German Shepherds where until one day Dexter started going crazy running back and forth tugging at things and picking up his toys and running around with them in his mouth. He would then cry to go outside and once outside he would proceed to jump around in the grass attacking leafs and jumping onto my mothers flower plants. I’m teaching him how to leave things alone when he has them in his mouth but he refuses to do it and  runs to hide them away. I guess this means that he is possessive over his items which I don’t like. When he  is overly excited and playful he will start biting our jeans or shirt (if we are holding him) and start tugging on them and growling. Sometimes his bite will touch our skin and sometimes he actually bites our hands and arms when he is being playful. Those bites hurt! His teeth are already so long and his bite is hard now. We’ve tried to direct him to biting only his toys but he doesn’t do it. I guess I just have to be patient. 

I’ve also learned that Dexter is afraid of other dogs but loves humans. He is also very shy and hates baths and car rides. He has gone on 3-4 car rides and has hated the first two. He especially hates it when we have him in my mothers van. The van makes loud noises and you can feel every bump and turn which Dexter doesn’t like. My car is more smooth so he does better in my car. I will have him with me on my lap while driving or he will be on my brothers lap. I think he is slowly getting used to the car rides because he doesn’t pant as much as he did when he went on a car ride the first two times.

He went on two play dates with some of my family member’s dogs. He met husky nala who is eleven weeks old and VERY playful. Dexter had his tail tucked in the whole time and only raised his tail when he would be away from her. We also  took him to my uncles house to play with pyreen boy terri. At first he would run away when terri would chase him and want to play but towards the end when we were about to leave, Dexter decided to chase him and was playing with him and even growling at him! I was so happy that Dexter was finally able to play with another puppy and socializing. He still needs to work on his communication skills because he’s a little intimidating when he starts to growl. 

Dexter was finally able to receive his first booster shot at 6 weeks and got a heart-worm prevention pill. He also received a tropical ointment for flea treatment which seems to have worked. He still scratches sometimes. Its usually around his neck but it could be because of the collar that we sometimes put on him. Speaking of collars… I finally bought him one along with a name tag and a leash! I have taken him on walks with his leash but he doesn’t seem to like having someone else tell him where to go. He will fight against the leash and just sit there and go the opposite way. He is getting better though! We will sometimes do a small loop around the neighborhood without any stops and sometimes he doesn’t tug on the leash. He only tugs on it at the beginning of the walk. I try to give him treats so he can associate the walk, the leash, and the collar as positive things but I don’t think that really works on him. He does well without the leash. He will stop and sit down just processing the different sounds but once we call him and he sees that were walking away from him, he will start running after us.

I’m really excited to see how big and how he looks at sixteen weeks! I want his ears to finally go up and see what his coat turns into. He has already started to shed a little and his coat coloring  has really changed. I hope the little streak of white in the middle of his forehead doesn’t go away or his white tip tail! Those two are my favorite parts about his looks.

P.S, If you want to see more of Dexter follow his instagram account @dextertheshepsky  

~XoXo, Mayra


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