Trying To Bullet Journal

For the past couple of days I’ve seen countless videos and post about something called a Bullet Journal. I thought that perhaps what a Bullet Journal meant was something like a gratitude journal or diary. I did a little bit of research and found some crazy overwhelming articles about it.

Basically, a bullet journal is anything you want it to be. It can serve as your diary, planner, to-do list, bucket list, etc etc. It is just a way to organize everything into just one journal. Doesn’t seem too hard right? But then you look at all the different layouts, lists, pages, designs, etc.. and it can get a little overwhelming. Nonetheless, I said “you know what? Let me try it.” Well… it hasn’t been easy. I haven’t even really started and I am already overwhelmed and over thinking it. I’m NOT the most organized person. I try but it just ends up going back to the mess it used to be. I’m also terrible at keeping up with things. I will start something but not entirely finish it if it becomes to time consuming. I can’t tell you the amount of planners I’ve bought and never used. I ended up giving them away to my friends because I just couldn’t keep up with them. I also had to carry my journal and planner where ever I went. If I forgot it I would end up with various journals scribbled in with “to-do list” and what not.  So thus begins my journey and struggle with a bullet Journal.

At first I had this big idea of how I wanted to plan it out and design it. I went to Best Buy and bought a moleskin plain journal. I really wanted the dotted one since that’s what most people are using but the one at Best Buy was $30.00 and it wasn’t your typical Journal. It was meant for tablet using. I really didn’t want the plain one because it just meant I would have to use a ruler and what not since I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life. I ended up going to target to get some supplies that I might need and ended up buying the dotted notebook there. So in total I spent around a little over $50.00 because I bought 2 moleskin journals.

I then went home, got all my supplies and started trying to figure how to bullet Journal.  I looked up designs online for inspiration but in the end my notebook was just not coming out how I had envisioned. Firstly,  I didn’t realize how thin and see through the moleskin paper was so I couldnt use any marker type pens or gel pens. I had to use your basic ballpoint pens. This was frustrating since I really wanted to decorate it. At the end I ended up ripping out the pages I had done in the dotted notebook because it just didn’t feel right.

I took some time off and got the other plain notebook I had bought at Best Buy. I forgot all about trying to make it look good and thought about what I actually needed in it instead of focusing on the appearance part.  Then, walah! I had my bullet journal figured out. Here are some pictures:

This is the first spread in the bullet Journal. It includes a month calendar and an “important dates” list. I had some spare colorful index cards and decided to use those to write in because of the translucency and thinnes of the paper.

This is my weekly spread. I only have Sunday and some of Monday written in. At first, in the other notebook, I had the days already written in but I found that I don’t like it like that.  I prefer to write things in as I go. I also used the Index cards method here to write in all my “to-do” list during that week.

This is just an “ideas” page. I have my blog ideas, the places I want to go around town during that week of March, and a random thoughts space. Again,  I used the index card idea for this.

There’s still a lot of white space but I will fill it in as I go. Various people have pages with books to read, places to visit, song lists, habit tracker,  and a money tracker. I might incorporate some of these but at the moment I don’t see it necessary. I hope that I’m able to keep up with this bullet Journal and keep my life a little bit more organized.


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