Live Oak Market – Hidden Gem 

Okay, maybe it’s not so much hidden as it is ignored. I’ve past by this market place often but because of its exterior look I’ve never bothered to go in. It looks like a regular gas station market so I understand why people would just walk on by. 

If you know me,  my destination app is yelp. One night at 11pm I decided to check on yelp for any nerby places that might be open. Live Oak Market was one of them and didn’t close until 12am. I asked my brother if he wanted to go out on a stroll and he said yes.  It took us about 15-20 minutes to get there so by the time we got there we were thirsty. 

I was expecting something like a rundown gas station market but it was anything but that.  They had the widest selection of drinks that I’ve ever seen. They had some weird drinks like ranch soda, buffalo soda, and what not.  They also had cream sodas and other healthy drinks from various countries like France and Japan. They carry a wide range of craft beers as well. They also had some healthy snacks and organic supplies for health and hygiene.

I didn’t know what to get! They just had so much to choose from. I decided to get a Japanese melon soda, French lime soda, a cactus green tea drink, and a Marlin Bob coffee drink. Upon doing some research, I’ve realized that the French sodas are also available at local popular stores like Walmart and sprouts. What I really want to try is their weird sodas and later on their craft beers. I’m eager to go back and being home different drinks every so often until I’ve tried them all. 

Anyone who knows me would know how much I love to try new foods and drinks so finding places like this really excites me. I hope to go back and try more drinks and hopefully come across another similar store.

Photo Credit: John B.


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