“The good times” ★ Journal Entry


“Good times come and go but the memories will last forever…”


I recently went out of town to gather with some family members that I haven’t seen as of late. I usually hate going to them because it’s usually just the adults that talk and my cousins don’t usually go either when we have these family gatherings. Nonetheless, I decided to go and try to make the most of it especially since one of my closest cousins was also going.

Like always, once there, I got off the car and greeted everyone before sitting outside with my brother. It was starting to look a lot like all the previous visits. Thank goodness I had remembered my Nintendo 3DS and my tablet otherwise I don’t think I would have survived those previous times. Luckily, I didn’t have to use them this time because my closest cousins arrived. I sat down with them in the living room and we chatted for a while. I told my cousin Liliana that we should go over to the park like we had planned last night. Our plan was to bring our puppies and take them to the park near the river to swim and have a little play date. However, Lili couldn’t bring her puppy and at the end I decided not to bring Dexter with me since it would be a long trip.

Anyways, I mentioned to her that we should still go so we could get away and leave the adults talking. It would be enough time for the food to be ready for everyone to eat. She agreed and we rounded up all my cousins from big to small and got into my SUV and my cousin Edgar’s car.

I was extremely excited to say the least. It had been more than 5 years since my family got together and went to the park. The merry go round that I was so afraid to ride back then was still there. When I saw it this time I couldn’t believe I was so afraid of something that so many kids have fun on! There were a few families gathered in the park having their own BBQ and so many kids were on the playground. I remember when my family would also gather in the park when I was younger and we would have birthday parties for everyone. I always looked forward to our family gatherings that took place out of town.

As time went on and we grew older…the gatherings stopped and even when we planned something small no one really showed up. Instead of looking forward to going out of town to visit my family, I would decide to stay home if allowed. It just wasn’t as fun. Most of my cousins were married and had kids so they couldn’t attend as much. All that was left were the younger family members like my little cousins and my younger brothers. Usually when I go, I tend to hang out with them and we play UNO or other board games. It’s the only thing we could do besides watch a movie.

I’m happy that this time it ended up being somewhat like the good old times. We went to the playground and I got on the merry go round with all the kids that were at the park. We then headed to the marina where I took tons of pictures and my cousin Edgar made a fishing rod out of a long stick and some fishing string that he found. We spent a good two hours just hanging out and then drove back to eat some food. My cousins and I sat in the living room eating while watching a movie just like old times. While we were watching the movie my cousin Lili and I played hangman. It ended up getting late pretty fast and soon most of my cousins ended up leaving. We left soon after.

I hope the next visits are as fun as this one was. We might have grown up but those memories will always stay forever. Now its my younger brothers and my younger cousin’s turn to have their own fun like once my cousins and I had back when I was a little girl. Next time I will bring my board games and my card games. I will take them to another park where I can take more pictures and we can all laugh and enjoy the day. This is my wish for the next family gathering: to have fun and create more memories like back then.

~XoXo, Mayra


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