My Visit To The Alamo Drafthouse. 

I don’t usually go out and watch movies that often. I only go when my friends invite me to go with them but it never comes from me. However, lately there’s been quite a few movies coming out that I’ve been really wanting to see. Most of them being anime movies. Both the anime movies I saw were only being played in the Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve always wanted to go there since everyone raves about it. It looks pretty cool but I’ve never had a reason to go there since I could just go to my typical neighborhood theatre. 

I went to the Alamo two times. The first one was located at Mueller and the most recent one was at South Lamar. If I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be the one at Mueller. That theatre is big and spacious. The theatre rooms have reclining chair which is definitely a big plus. They give you some comfort and there’s enough space between the next person so you don’t have to be hoging the arm rest. Too bad we got bad seats. The only seats available were at the very front of the screen. We had to crane our necks a certain way to be able to fully see the screen. Thank goodness the anime was English dubbed. Even so,  I was happy with the service and the people there. Will definitely go back. 

Our recent Alamo visit was at the south Lamar one. I didnt like that location because the place was much smaller. The theatre rooms were too close to each other meaning that the hallway was smaller. The room we were in didn’t have the reclining chairs the one in Mueller did. This one had a long table running through the whole row unlike the other theatre which each chair had their own mini table for their food. I didn’t like my seating because I was next to disrespectful college students. The girl next to me was in my personal space. Almost knocked off my drink a few times with her jacket everytime she passed by. She never apologized or said excused me. She was also very messy with her food. Didn’t clean up after herself and had trash all over. I really dislike people who are like that. I understand it’s the job of the waitress/waiter to clean up but it doesn’t mean we have to make a mess just because we can. Sorry, I just really needed to rant for a little. 

Anyways,  I think the Alamo Drafthouse is a nice place. Especially if you’re looking for a place where you don’t have to get up constantly just to order some food. They have a large menu and even serve alcoholic beverages! Other than that restaurant feel, I don’t see much difference in a regular theatre and the Alamo. I do appreciate that they play anime movies. I will continue to go there as long as they keep playing anime movies that I want to see. 


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