Bucket List: Drive-Thru Movie Theater

It’s no secret that everyone probably has a bucket list lying somewhere around. I know I sure do. One of the many things that I have written on there is to go to a drive thru movie theater. There’s a few movie theaters around town but they all played old movies and the cost for just one movie and a car was too much for me. However, sometime later, I came across this particular movie theater that was cheaper and played new airing movies. The only problem was it being an hour away from my current location. 

I gathered some of my friends and my brothers and we all planned a little road trip to the drive thru movie theater to watch Logan and Kong Island. The theater only showed movies after 6pm. They have three screens each with a set of movies for you to watch. You have to pick a screen and stay there for those two movies or if you wanted to watch a movie from another screen you had to buy an additional ticket.  You only payed 10 dollars (with fees) to watch two new movies! I think that’s a great deal. They have their own cafe area or lobby where you can buy food. You’re also allowed to bring your own food if you wanted. 

Most everyone who went to the drive-thru would sit in their cars to watch the movies. Other had camping chairs and blankets to lounge on. The way the movies work was each screen was being played in a radio station channel that everyone had to tune in to their car or their hand held radios. My friend had a mobile radio and we set it up with a loud speaker. We brought camping chairs and blankets since it gets pretty cold at night. My younger brother and I were in the back of the van while my other friends were sitting in the camping chairs. We would take turns sitting in the car since having to sit in a camping chair for a long period of time wasn’t that comfortable. 

We brought a load of junk food and drinks but no real food to eat so we had to go to the cafe area and purchase some grilled cheeses and fries. Their grilled cheese is by far the best I’ve had! We enjoyed the movies we watched and our time at the drive thru so we ended up going back the week after. 

If you still haven’t been to a drive thru theater you need to go soon! Make sure you have camping chairs, blankets, pillows, radio, and some food unless you’re thinking of purchasing food at the cafe. If you do go, I hope you have a great experience like I did. I know drive-thru movie theater definitely changed the way I watch movies. 

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