“Procrastination Sucks!” ★ Journal Entry


Do you ever ask yourself, “What am I doing? What is this going to lead up to?” 

I ask myself this and other questions many times a day. See, it’s already been a little over 3 years since I graduated from high school and yet I don’t feel any closer to reaching any goals. I mean… I also have a problem with completing task and reaching goals as little as keeping a schedule and staying organized. So in an effort to try to change this, I ended up googling motivational books and speeches and started to reach out for advise on getting unstuck and stop procrastinating.

Did you know there’s such a thing as being a chronic procrastinator? I didn’t know it could get that bad but now that I think about it…. I could be a chronic procrastinator. It would explain why I never seem to complete task that I start and leave everything to the very last minute no matter how important the task is. The big problem for me is motivation. If I don’t have enough energy and motivation then I just wont do the task or I will but then I’ll drop it not even half way in. Yeah, I know.. Its pretty bad. 

Anyways, I came across this thread on Reddit about getting yourself together and finally doing what you need to do to reach those goals you want. Someone had given a perfect plan for this where you get large index cards and write down the habit you want to break or a small goal you want to reach. Then you make a 7×7 lined square to equal 49 days. Yes, you have to do this for a little over a month. This is why it will be important to start with a small goal like keeping an agenda, cleaning your room, doing 20 sit ups everyday. Something small like that. On the back of the card you would write down why its important for you to reach this goal or break that habit. Write down some motivational stuff to keep you going when you go back to read it!  You keep the index card with you where ever you go to remind you of this small goal and keep your focus. You can do more index cards for different small goals or habits but don’t do too many otherwise it could make you loose focus and not do any at all because you added to much to your plate. 

Here’s the link to the original thread on Reddit so you can read the whole index card plan to better understand it:  The Index Card Plan

I haven’t yet tested this out but I will get to it on the start of the week. I still don’t know what small goal or what habit I wish to break since there’s just too many to choose from. I’am also looking for apps to use to motivate me and keep me more organized and in the right path. Another thing I will be doing is watching motivational speeches or reading books to get me that push and put me in a positive mentality. 

Here’s one video from TedxTalks about how to stop screwing yourself over: Ted Video

Ted Talks has other amazing videos you can search up to help you out for inspiration.  It’s time I stop procrastinating and wondering “What if..” I will try the index card thing and update with a new post each week. If you don’t hear from me soon then it probably means I failed. I will also update this post with any other tools I have come across. 

If you have any advise or recommendations to help me out please let me know! 



5 thoughts on ““Procrastination Sucks!” ★ Journal Entry

  1. I feel like I recommend this book to everyone but “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero is a super great motivator. It is pretty much all about squashing self doubt and kicking life’s butt. 10/10 would recommend. And the great thing is is that it’s a personal growth book that you can come back to whenever you want (I also have an issue of starting and stopping things, but I couldn’t put the book down, but even when I did it was super easy to pick back up!)

    I like that index card plan you found though, good luck with that!

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    1. LMAO! I actually have this remix of the speech on my phone. I play it all the time since my brother hates it!

      Thanks for the luck! I’ll definitely need it. I hope I can tackel on my mini goals and not leave them half way done like I usually do. (:

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  2. I am kidding with the link, but I had to send the mother of all motivational speeches!!

    m(_ _)m *bows* Sorry!! Lame joke!! (^^;;

    In any case, I truly wish you luck with this endeavor! I hope you can reach your written goal once you make your decision!

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