Hurricane Harvey & Other Problems.


Just fyi, this is not suppose to be an informal piece with concrete facts about hurricane Harvey. This is just me talking about the past week and future weeks of hurricane Harvey and my personal life situation. Hope this makes sense 😛

I’m sure everyone is already well informed of the category four hurricane Harvey that destroyed various homes and left many cities completely flooded. You guys probably also know how high the water reached due to the extreme rainfall in Houston. Yeah, it was pretty bad. 

Fortunately, I live in Austin, TX so we didn’t get the complete impact of Harvey. We did get pretty bad winds and a lot of rainfall during those first four days (Thurs-Sun). I really wish I could personally go and help the people in Houston in the shelters they’re in. I know a lot of them evacuated to Austin. I already received an email about donating blood and bilingual volunteers wanted to help people in shelters. I wasn’t able to go to the bilingual shifts because of school and work. I will try to make an appointment to donate blood as soon as I can though.

My home luckily didn‘t experience any sort of flooding but the wind did push around things in our backyard. Our recycling bin got knocked down so all the paper, cans, and cardboard we had in it went flying everywhere. Now we have paper and cardboard stuck to the dirty thanks to the rain we got. I mean, I love the rain. I spent most of the rainy days outside with my doggo just sitting in the porch. My dog also loves the rain so he kept constantly dragging me into the driveway. He would go to the home drainage and would go crazy seeing all that water gushing down into the ground. It was hard to get him back inside. 

While that whole hurricane delio was going on things were personally going bad for myself. If you read my previous puppy update you know that I’ve been dealing with trying to keep Dexter with me. The manager at my duplex said german shepherds and huskies are prohibited  and we would have to end up finding a new home for Dexter. There was no way I was going to do that so I went ahead and tried to get an ESA Letter. I had my appointment with a counselor to talk about my life and how Dexter has personally improved it and how I benefited from having him. Everything went well and I got my letter.

Later that day I ended up getting into a crash. Yeah… not the best thing to do right after you just had an open heart talk with a counselor. The crash wasn’t that bad. Luckily the guy managed to hit closer to my tire and bumper than directly on to my driver side door. However, he ended up damaging my tire bad where my rim flew off and my tire ended up being flat. I had to change the tire to the temporary one I had in my car. I’ve never had to change a tire so ironically I ended up asking the guy who hit me if he could help me. He did and after dealing with the crash I went on my way. I was in shock though. I ended up driving so slow and would constantly look back to make sure no cars were going too fast to hit me. 

Anyways, moving back to hurricane Harvey… I got a call today (08/31/17) around 5pm from my dad telling me to hurry up and fill up my car tank and other additional gas tanks we had. I was a little confused and at first I didn’t pay much attention to it. I ended up looking online about gas in Texas and it turns out that there’s a gas shortage happening. It was already happening in Dallas. However, I read that the city of Austin didn’t need to panic because we were okay with gas. You know how it is, if you tell someone not to panic the first thing they will do is panic. I mean… I didn’t panic. I just thought, “Well okay, I’m sure it’s only happening in Dallas and were okay.” Well, 15 minutes after getting the call from my dad I ended up getting a panicked call from my aunt telling me that there were massive lines forming outside of all the gas stations. She said that some of them were already closed due to not having any more fuel. It was then that I started to panic. 

I went in to the living room and told my mom to get her car because we needed to put gas right now before it was all gone. I explained what was going on and soon my dad was calling her too. She got on her car and I got on mine and we drove separate directions to find a gas station to fuel up. Mom went to our local grocery store gas station (Randalls) where she managed to get enough for her car and extra spare tanks. Meanwhile, I was still driving around looking for a gas station where there wasn’t a lot of cars. Well… everything was packed. There were traffic on the right lanes from people waiting to get into the gas station. I ended up just stopping at the next one I saw and waited for a good hour but I wasn’t able to fuel up since my car had the gas tank on the passenger side and there was no way for me to go in the right way for the pump to reach. People were also not letting me reverse or pass by. I had to drive back and go to the gas station my mom went where it only took me about half an hour to fuel up. I had to use the super premium one because the other two were already gone. 

Everyone’s panicking now. Rumors are going around that there’s not enough water bottles and grocery stores are having to cut down on their limits per customer. Of course these are all things I’m just hearing from others and don’t know if any of it is true. I mean it would make sense since most of the food and water bottles are going to Houston and the people there. I wonder what other things are going to happen now. 

Not important but.. I’ve been binge watching the walking dead for the past two weeks now and I can’t help but to think that the zombie apocalypse is on its way. Seriously, the way people were lining up at grocery stores and gas stations was something you would see in the movies. It was chaotic to say the least. 

Well that’s all for now. I’ll update if there’s anything important to add. Take care yall! 

♥ Mayra ♥

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