Universal Yums: Pakistan September 2017 Box


After seeing ad after ad promoting Universal Yums on facebook I decided to finally give in and gift myself a box. I ended up ordering the September box and said I should receive it within six days after placing the order. I waited and waited but nothing came. It was now October and still no sign of the box. To be honest, I completely forgot about the box until one day I saw the ad again on Facebook and remembered the box I ordered. It looked like I wouldn’t be getting the box anytime soon. I decided to email the support people to see what was going on. They weren’t able to tell me anything because the tracking info they gave me was not working. Probably because it was already 3 weeks later and it should’ve arrived already. Anyways, they said they could give me a refund and that they were terribly sorry. I ended up not replying because I got busy and what not. 

Well… today I went over to my mailbox just hoping to get my ipsy bag but instead, my Universal Yums waited for me. ABOUT TIME!!! If the box could talk I wonder what stories it would tell me about. It flew in the air and was dropped on an unknown island until it found a broken rift and floated aboard towards another island known as the united states etc.. Seriously though, I wonder what story our mail would tell us if it could talk. Although talking mail would be really weird and horrifying. Talking mail is just not normal. 

Anyways, my box had finally arrived and I hurried inside to round up my brothers to taste test the items. The items included three chip bags ( Kurleez Mirch Masala Chips, Chillz Chatpata Potato Sticks, and Nimco Mix). I’m not a big fan of snack mixes that don’t have a lot of sweet things inside so I didn’t try the Nimco Mix. I just gave them to my mom and she liked them so she kept them. The Kurlezz chips were supposed to taste spicy but it tasted like salt and vinegar. Also, the image on the bag makes the chips looks cheesy but they weren’t cheesy at all! I was a little disappointed if I’m being honest. Now the Chillz potato sticks were pretty good. It had lime and chili so it was definitely one of my favorites. This is something you could buy at a Mexican grocery store. 

Most of the items in the box were spicy which was kinda disappointing since I was hoping for a more diverse box instead of just chips, cookies, and candy. The box included three cookie items: Novita Orange Wafers, Rite Lemon Cookies, and Zeera Cookies. I’m not a big fan of citrus flavors so I didn’t enjoy the sugar wafers and the chocolate lemon filled cookies. I mean they were good but it isn’t something I would personally buy. Now the Zeera cookies…. they’re freaking cumin cookies! What!? I had a little bite of it and nope… I just couldn’t eat it. The Cumin spice was so strong it felt like I was chugging a bottle of cumin spice. I gave it to my mom and grandma and they seemed to actually like it. Especially my grandma. She ended up eating a full pack of them. 

Time for dessert! Our menu includes: Milk Toffee Chews, Chili Mili Gummies, Charms Blackcurrant Candy, Juicers Lychee Candy, and Sonnet Chocolate Bar. The milk toffee candy tasted like a regular chocolate tootsie roll so nothing special about it. The Chili Mili gummies were a big surprise! They were actually pretty good.  They tasted like a tamarind Mexican spicy candy but in gummy form. I still haven’t tried the Blackcurrant Candy but my brother says its pretty good. The lychee candy was okay. I was hoping it was one of those burst candies that had sour liquid in the middle since the picture of the wrapping made it looked like that. The sonnet chocolate bar was okay. The chocolate surrounding the caramel and nut part tasted like a dark chocolate tootsie roll. All together it tasted like a Snickers. 

Final thoughts:  

All in all, I didn’t really like this box. I really wished they would have included more diverse snacks in there than just chips. Perhaps more chocolate and other random items that might be strange like the cumin cookies. I also didn’t like how my box arrived after a month when it should have arrived 6 days after I ordered it since that’s when the September boxes were shipped. I’m just glad I got it and was able to write a review of the items. I probably won’t try this subscription box again. I only tried it because it kept showing up on my facebook feed. I do like the idea of trying different snacks from around the world. I think maybe next time I’ll just hand pick the items and buy them off Amazon when I feel like trying something from another country. 


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