Turkey, Peas, & Carrots: Kibble Food Topper


How’s yall’s day going? Good? Good to hear! So it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. I know… I should probably fix that huh? I will!… Eventually. Anyways, So I’ve been on the webs just searching for dog food related recipes because you know I love my dogs and I’m tired of spending so much money! 

If you guys don’t know yet, I have two big dogs. Dexter, my german shepherd & husky mix, and Ryder, my loud german shepherd. Dexter is the oldest and definitely the most spoiled. Ryder, well…he basically just copies everything Dexter does which is not that great at times. 

So here’s my problem…I’ve been struggling with their food for quite some time now. I have spent a lot of money buying them different food toppers that I could mix with their kibble. I would buy Nutro meat chunks in gravy, The Honest Kitchen dried food toppers, Wellness simply shreds and other brands to try out but the dogs either didn’t like them or got bored of them too quickly. 

It wasn’t until my mom bought some ground beef to make for Dexter and Ryder that a light bulb finally click. Why couldn’t I just mix in some meat that I could buy from the grocery store into their kibble? Well… turns out that the doggos got bored of plain ground beef too. Grrr! I ended up going back to the pet store trying to find something that had real meat and a mixture of veggies. Thanks to the nice young lady at my local pet store I was finally able to find the right thing! The bad? It’s too expensive! 

This is the can I bought them. →steak-frites-lg.jpg

The can was around $3.45. Most of their cans are around that same price depending on the meat used. The dogs absolutely loved the beef frites!  The can would be thrown away completely empty the day after if I was lucky. I was basically spending $3.45 per day for food toppers. That’s $24.15 per week (7days) and $17.25 for weekdays (5days)! 

Looking at the pictures of the cans made me realize that I could easily make my own Weruva copycat food toppers. I mean.. of course my food toppers will not be anywhere near the same as them but still delicious nonetheless. So after almost 3 months of buying these food cans, I finally went to the grocery store to make my own. 

Now on to the recipe!


You can substitute the ground turkey with beef, chicken, lamb, or salmon. If you dont have any old fashion oats that you can grind into oat flour, grind rice or quinoa. You can also just use regular flour if you don’t want to go through all trouble. You could also use coconut flour if you want to use something unique. Instead of buying an already made broth from the grocery store you can make your own special fido approved broth. However, If you do want to buy the broth at the store, make sure you pick one with the least sodium. Even the broths that said low sodium had pretty high amounts of it! The broth I bought only had 85mg/3% sodium. Also, make sure you look at the ingredients! You don’t want to buy something that contains items that will upset your dog’s stomach. Although the broth I choose has onions and cider vinegar, It should be okay to use in the recipe since it’s watered down by the amount of water that’s added. 

Please let me know if you decide to try this out. If you have any recipes of your own I would love to read them! I will keep on making various food toppers and eventually go into baking some special treats for the doggos! 

Until next time yall! 

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