Congrats Class Of 2018!

The congratulations is a bittersweet one this time. I would have been graduating college next to my class but due to certain circumstances, I had to attend college late.

But anywho, congrats fellow classmates! Especially to my close high school friends. I’m so proud of yall and how far yall have come. It sucks that I won’t be graduating alongside you guys but I know soon I will also walk the stage and be on my way to reaching my goals.

It still baffles me how time passes right by us and we can’t do anything but live on.  Some of us are now living completely different lives than what we did in high school. I know that wherever life is taking yall in your chosen career and with your great knowledge, you guys will be successful. I can’t wait until the day comes when we accidentally bump into one another after months of not seeing each other and talk about the amazing things we are doing. Cheers to chasing our dreams and being successful!

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Besides my high school class graduating, my brother finally graduated from high school! I honestly gotta say that from the way things were going I wasn’t expecting him to be able to graduate in time. I am really proud of him because despite struggling to wake up in the mornings and having a hard time in his classes, he still fought on and graduated on time. He didn’t walk the stage though. Just didn’t want to for whatever reason but hey, at least he got his diploma. 

Honestly, I’m a little bit ticked off. When I graduated from the same high school as him I didn’t get anything besides my diploma and the black case it comes with. You know what my brother got? Two congratulatory letters from the state senator and representative, a graduate medal from the school, and his diploma got a nice thick plastic cover. What!? Not going to lie, I’m a little jealous of that medal. 

Speaking of my high school, I’m extremely amazed at how far my high school has gone! I remember when I was still in middle school and my older cousin would tell me about all the fights that broke out, the threats the high school would get, the lack of funds, lack of teachers, and the really bad principal who didn’t give a crap. Thankfully when I attended my first year of high school we had a new principal, Mr. Shapiro.

I remember everyone would talk bad about him and how he was super mean and strict. It didn’t help that he looked exactly like Gru from despicable me. Thanks to him and to teachers like Mrs. Miller, our high school started being one that could compete with other better-known schools. We kept winning UIL’s, football games, and other extracurricular competitions. Other kids still would say that our high school was ghetto but it was far from the ghetto! Everyone was welcomed and it felt like a huge family gathering. 

I was able to be a part of a leadership group run by our own principal. That’s where everyone finally realized that Mr. Shapiro wasn’t all that bad. He was kinda funny! He also always found opportunities for the students to learn more! I’m not going to lie, I feel like my class was the catalyst of the reshaping of our high school. We were the last class to take the old exit exam. Whatever club you went to there was always a lot of students from my class running it. We were definitely a powerful class. 

Now, our high school has revamped. It has officially become an early college high school with various programs and from the looks of it, they’re doing fantastic and it will only get better for them. I also got add that the two senior classes after our 2014 class were awesome. You know why? because in those two classes my friend’s siblings were apart of them. My close friend’s sister got valedictorian for class 2015 and was one of the many undocumented students to finally speak out about her status and fight for change for dreamers all around. She’s still doing great things as we speak! Even got the chance to go to the capitol! The year after that,  My best friend’s sister got valedictorian and my close friend’s sister got salutatorian for the class of 2016! Yay to our class of 2014 and their awesome siblings! lol. 

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