Congrats Class Of 2018!

The congratulations is a bittersweet one this time. I would have been graduating college next to my class but due to certain circumstances, I had to attend college late.

But anywho, congrats fellow classmates! Especially to my close high school friends. I’m so proud of yall and how far yall have come. It sucks that I won’t be graduating alongside you guys but I know soon I will also walk the stage and be on my way to reaching my goals.

It still baffles me how time passes right by us and we can’t do anything but live on.  Some of us are now living completely different lives than what we did in high school. I know that wherever life is taking yall in your chosen career and with your great knowledge, you guys will be successful. I can’t wait until the day comes when we accidentally bump into one another after months of not seeing each other and talk about the amazing things we are doing. Cheers to chasing our dreams and being successful!

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“I need independence!” ★ Journal Entry


This post will probably turn into a huge rant so I want to apologize beforehand for any horrible grammar (my grammar is always horrible anyways) and anyone who gets annoyed at me for complaining. 

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“Procrastination Sucks!” ★ Journal Entry


Do you ever ask yourself, “What am I doing? What is this going to lead up to?” 

I ask myself this and other questions many times a day. See, it’s already been a little over 3 years since I graduated from high school and yet I don’t feel any closer to reaching any goals. I mean… I also have a problem with completing task and reaching goals as little as keeping a schedule and staying organized. So in an effort to try to change this, I ended up googling motivational books and speeches and started to reach out for advise on getting unstuck and stop procrastinating.
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Reflecting on past relationships & friendships ★ Journal Entry



“If you stay in the company of anger, pain, or hurt, happiness will find someone else to visit. Make the choice to view all of your past relationships as a gift. Throw out what hasn’t worked in the past and incorporate new concepts. Focus on being happy.”
Kristen Crockett, The Gift of Past Relationships


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