Turkey, Peas, & Carrots: Kibble Food Topper


How’s yall’s day going? Good? Good to hear! So it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. I know… I should probably fix that huh? I will!… Eventually. Anyways, So I’ve been on the webs just searching for dog food related recipes because you know I love my dogs and I’m tired of spending so much money! 

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Hurricane Harvey & Other Problems.


Just fyi, this is not suppose to be an informal piece with concrete facts about hurricane Harvey. This is just me talking about the past week and future weeks of hurricane Harvey and my personal life situation. Hope this makes sense 😛

I’m sure everyone is already well informed of the category four hurricane Harvey that destroyed various homes and left many cities completely flooded. You guys probably also know how high the water reached due to the extreme rainfall in Houston. Yeah, it was pretty bad. 

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Local Japanese Festival! (8/12/17)


Let me just start by saying that this wasn’t really a festival like you see in anime or videos on Youtube, this was more of a Japanese appreciation event. Anyways…. So I saw this event shared by one of my friends on Facebook and I had to definitely go to it. They were going to have a ton of Japanese food, noodle eating contest, festival dance, kimono sales, and other cool stuff. I was expecting it to be a big thing like our annual 4th of July festival that we have in the city. Well… We were packed into a small building with little to no room to walk through. I was expecting them to have a stage outside where the noddle contest and the performances were going to be shown. I also thought they would decorate with lanterns and have different vendors like they usually have during our big events.

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Bucket List: Drive-Thru Movie Theater

It’s no secret that everyone probably has a bucket list lying somewhere around. I know I sure do. One of the many things that I have written on there is to go to a drive thru movie theater. There’s a few movie theaters around town but they all played old movies and the cost for just one movie and a car was too much for me. However, sometime later, I came across this particular movie theater that was cheaper and played new airing movies. The only problem was it being an hour away from my current location. 

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First Visit To Whole Foods

I know what you’re thinking; what!? How is this your first time!? Well it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The nearest Whole Foods is a couple of miles away from where I live so I haven’t been able to go. There’s a Central Market nearby so that’s where I tend to go the most. I do most of my grocery shopping at HEB because it’s more convenient for me so there hasn’t been any need of going somewhere else until yesterday.

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