Local Japanese Festival! (8/12/17)


Let me just start by saying that this wasn’t really a festival like you see in anime or videos on Youtube, this was more of a Japanese appreciation event. Anyways…. So I saw this event shared by one of my friends on Facebook and I had to definitely go to it. They were going to have a ton of Japanese food, noodle eating contest, festival dance, kimono sales, and other cool stuff. I was expecting it to be a big thing like our annual 4th of July festival that we have in the city. Well… We were packed into a small building with little to no room to walk through. I was expecting them to have a stage outside where the noddle contest and the performances were going to be shown. I also thought they would decorate with lanterns and have different vendors like they usually have during our big events.

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Bucket List: Drive-Thru Movie Theater

It’s no secret that everyone probably has a bucket list lying somewhere around. I know I sure do. One of the many things that I have written on there is to go to a drive thru movie theater. There’s a few movie theaters around town but they all played old movies and the cost for just one movie and a car was too much for me. However, sometime later, I came across this particular movie theater that was cheaper and played new airing movies. The only problem was it being an hour away from my current location. 

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Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha & S’mores Frappe. 


Starbucks has been having a lot of new releases and promotions. They recently released their Unicorn Frappucino and although I really wanted to try it I decided not to get into the unicorn craze. It was mostly due to the fact that many Batista’s were complaining and I didn’t want to add to any of it. 

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My Visit To The Alamo Drafthouse. 

I don’t usually go out and watch movies that often. I only go when my friends invite me to go with them but it never comes from me. However, lately there’s been quite a few movies coming out that I’ve been really wanting to see. Most of them being anime movies. Both the anime movies I saw were only being played in the Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve always wanted to go there since everyone raves about it. It looks pretty cool but I’ve never had a reason to go there since I could just go to my typical neighborhood theatre. 

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