Puppy Update #5: Breed Prohibited!?

panther tracks

Dexter will be nine months on September 13th! He is getting closer to that one year mark! I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve done an update on him and for that I’m sorry. He already has all his shots and I only have to go to the vet to get his flea and heart worm prevention meds. He is around 50-55 pounds now and has a loud mouth meaning that he barks a lot. He will bark at the vacuum,  the hallway dog gate, the TV, basically everything. I didn’t mind the barking at first but it got annoying and embarrassing when you’re at the pet store or out walking and he starts barking at people and trash bins.
His barking has now become an even bigger problem because it has disturbed other people in our neighborhood. I live in a duplex and our area is mostly calm. Yesterday I received a notice on my door about a noise complaint of a dog barking in our backyard. Okay… The homes around me all have dogs. I don’t understand how they pinpointed my home as the culprit. Dexter spends most of his time inside the house and yes, he does bark but we try to shush him as soon as we can. 

Anyways, so I had to go today in the morning to talk to the manager. I didn’t know what to tell her so I told her that our cousin had given us the puppy to take care of for a while until she figures out some home arragements. Well, the manager said no, we could not have him stay with us. I asked if we could put him in the lease and she asked me what breed my dog was. I told her he was a mix of german shepherd and husky. Unfortunately those two breeds are prohibited in our community duplexes!!

I was so shocked and devastated! It didn’t even cross my mind that my dog could be prohibited because of his breed. I mean… I could understand why a german shepherd might not be a good idea to keep but a husky? I don’t get why huskies aren’t allowed. I gave the manager my puppy eyes and she ended up asking me to show her a picture. I don’t get what showing her a picture of my dog would do but nevertheless I pulled out my phone and scroll down to a cute little puppy photo of dexter with his floppy ears. She said, “well that’s not too bad.” Huh? What does that mean? She also said she will overlook it this time but if she hears another complaint about our dog we will have to re home him. 

I don’t even want to think about having to give him away. I spent my whole life begging my father for a dog and never got one until I was finally old enough (20) to buy one. My life has honestly changed for the better after getting my pup Dexter. Before Dexter I was depressed and just going through life day by day but now I go out with him and talk to others even though its mostly about dogs. To have him taken away will put me back at that day to day mood.  It might even be worse than where I was before. The only option I see is to try to get Dexter as my emotional support buddie. It will definitely help with housing restrictions. Well, I hope everything turns out well because I refuse to give Dexter up. I’ll update if anything else changes crossings my fingers that it all works out in the long run. 

Until next time! ~Mayra



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